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    Water Damage Restoration

    A flooded carpet is a cleaning emergency and immediate response to flooding saves time and money.

    Whether it’s due to a leaky roof, flooded house or burst pipe, you need to move quickly to protect your carpet.  A wet carpet does not only smell bad, but depending on what came with the water, you carpet may already be harbouring disease-causing bacteria.  The longer the carpet is soaked, the greater the danger to your family’s health.

    What happens to a carpet that is permanently damaged by water?  The carpet’s design will be destroyed.  Mildew, seen as brown spots, will develop on your carpet, particularly on the underlay or carpet padding.  A pungent stench will also emanate from the ruined carpet.

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    Drying the wet, flooded carpet. Water extracted, pad remove, sanitizer applied and drying equipment, dehumidifiers and air movers (high velocity turbo fans) installed. Notice the carpet is “floating”, which assists in drying the sub-flooring as well as the carpet.
    Wet, Flooded carpet in hallway on a cement slab. Water was extracted. Underlay was been removed, sanitizer applied to all affected areas and drying equipment installed.
    Flooded, saturated Carpet. Wet water damaged carpet was flooded by a broken freshwater supply line. It can be safely and aggressively dried out and saved.

    Things you could do before our emergency team arrives – If it is safe to do so:

    1. Stop the water source
    2. Identify affected areas
    3. Empty the rooms affected


    X Turn on any lights or ceiling fans.
    X Do not turn on any electrical appliances while standing in water.
    X Do not Attempt to vacuum the water


    • Turn of all power to the affected areas
    • Remove all Rugs from affected areas
    • Empty effected rooms of furniture
    • Lift and tie and curtains
    • Pin up skirting on furniture to prevent water marks

    Ensure the company you choose is experienced and accredited in water restoration.

    Don’t be fooled by inexperienced carpet cleaners with NO industry training and accreditation for Water damage and restoration.

    You can potentially be facing major mould issues and more costs if its not dried properly. Not to mention the possibility of voiding your insurance by using someone with inexperience.